Running isn't only great for your health. Find out how lacing up your sneakers and pounding the pavement can help you achieve success in business!

What Running Has Taught Me About Business

My run this morning has helped me transform my business … and maybe my life. Let me explain.

I started running about two months ago and set a goal of making a 10k run part of my morning routine by my 40th birthday.

Today was the day.

I had my playlist set, my super awesome Hoka One One sneakers fastened, and my head in the game. But then I got distracted. I stopped to grab some water, replied to a WhatsApp message, and my treadmill kept stopping. Each time I reset, I had to start from 0:00 again. At one point I forgot to tally up how long I ran. I started feeling discouraged and exhausted by seeing 6:45 on the dashboard.

I had lost a clear definable goal and was close to giving up. It just felt like I was running randomly. While I knew I could physically keep pushing (and you bet I did!), I was lost on my terrain. I needed a clear intention so I could pace myself, push hard towards the finish line, and then be able to look back and feel accomplished. Because it’s never about the run. It’s about achieving anything in life.

The Importance Of Setting Goals

When I set and achieve a goal that pushes me to my limits, I feel unstoppable. Running has taught me that anything is possible. But running randomly with no destination is like living with no purpose. It’s like building my business with no target. You can’t accomplish the impossible without a step-by-step plan and a clear, definable, and realistic goal.

At some point on the treadmill this morning, I paused to gauge my energy level. I figured I had about 20 minutes left in me at best. So I set the machine and ran like I’ve never run before. When I reached 20:00 I felt like my workout was complete. I felt unstoppable. And, if I’m honest, I probably did run about 10k in the end.

Be Unstoppable

Where are you with your business? Do you know what you want, why you want it, and how you’re going to get it? How about in your relationships, your family life, your health, your finances?

You are unstoppable.

Dare to dream
Set a goal
Live a life

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