Do you ever scroll through Pinterest and dream of having an organized kitchen? Well, you can! Check out this list of organization products.

16 Organization Products That Will Transform Your Kitchen

Do you ever scroll through Pinterest and dream of having one of those gorgeously organized kitchens? One where you open up the pantry to find clear canisters filled with pasta, grains, cereal, sugar, and flour. What about the matching food-filled baskets that give everything a special spot on the shelf? I love a Lazy Susan topped with an array of oils and vinegars. Plus, the epitome of #adulting is getting excited for tiered spice racks that let you see exactly what you have on hand.

Of course, the pantry is just a start. The fridge is a whole other story.

There’s something soul-soothing about kitchen organization. And, guess what? You can easily achieve the dreamy styled kitchen you’ve always wanted. You just need a few clever products to get you started!

The Pantry

Matching Baskets

One way to maximize storage is by sorting items into categories. Think: Bread and beagles, baking supplies, boxed mixes, pasta sauces, condiments, snack bags, water bottles, etc. One way to do that – which also happens to look amazing (#goals) – is by loading up on matching baskets. The most common amongst Pinterest inspiration are clear, white wove plastic, wire, and wicker. It’s all about what fits your unique personality! Here are some great options right on Amazon:

Clear Cereal Containers

When I get home from the grocery store, I immediately pour the kids’ cereal into clear plastic containers. Along with offering up a sleeker look than those brightly-colored cardboard cereal boxes, the airtight lids help keep this in-a-pinch breakfast fresher for longer. The OXO Good Grips cereal dispensers are a great option:

Complimentary Clear Bins

An organized pantry wouldn’t be complete without pretty clear bins to house pasta, rice, quinoa, sugar, and flour. Stock up on varying sizes and stack smaller bins to maximize pantry space.

Lazy Susan

The Lazy Susan is perfect for a home cook’s collection of oils, vinegars, and non-refrigerated sauces. It will save you a significant amount of pantry space, and makes finding a particular ingredient a real breeze. Just spin the base and find what you need!

Tiered Spice Rack

A tiered spice rack makes it easy to see the large variety of spices you have on hand, and lets you easily grab which ones you need as you’re busy cooking. Here are a few popular options:

Stackable Can Rack

Canned tomatoes, veggies, chickpeas, beans, coconut milk, and the list goes on. I love stocking up on canned foods because they last forever and can be jazzed up in a variety of ways. But, storing cans is a whole other story. That’s where a stackable can rack comes in handy. With this gravity-feed rack (AKA the racks slightly rest on a down angle), it automatically drops the next can to the front when you grab the one you need.

Wraps Organizer

Keep all your kitchen wraps – such as tin foil, plastic wrap, parchment paper, and wax paper – neat and tidy with this stackable organizer. This is another great tool that will save you space:

The Fridge

Clear Bins with Labels

Bags of shredded cheese, single-serve yogurt containers, pickle jars, condiment bottles, and the list goes on. We pack a lot inside our fridge and, if we don’t take a few minutes to separate things into categories and organize our shelves, it can get really messy. Enter: These clear bins. Don’t just use these for the Instagram-worthy photo. Do it for the soul-soothing sanity.

Better-Than-Tuppaware Glass Organizers

The most time-consuming part of cooking is often the prep. So, as soon as I get home from the grocery store, I like to take a few minutes to wash and chop my week’s veggies. When I’m done, I put them in these pretty glass containers and stack them inside my refrigerator.

Egg Holder

Clear plastic and glass organizers will give your fridge a neat and tidy look. So why not keep the trend going with a simple yet sophisticated-looking egg holder? This organizer holds up to 21 eggs!

Reusable Storage Bags

Whittle down your kitchen waste by ditching plastic bags and using these reusable silicone ones instead. The Stasher brand has amazing reviews, and for good reason. They come in a variety of sizes. Plus, they’re made from platinum food-grade silicone so they’re safe to use in the freezer, microwave, dishwasher, boiling water, and ovens up to 400º Fahrenheit.


Silverware Organizer

Nothing is worse than opening up your silverware drawer to a big mess of forks, spoons, and knives just randomly floating around. I think a silverware organizer is pretty standard … and an absolute must. But, instead of an old fashion separator, revamp your silverware drawer with this expandable organizer that lets you stack utensils in a perfectly organized fashion.


Standing Rack

This adjustable standing rack makes finding the right baking tray, muffin tin, cake pan, wire rack, cutting board, or pot/pan lid a cinch. You can adjust the dividers to fit various pans while keeping everything standing upright and easily visible. 

Pan Organizer

This savvy organizer is similar to the one above, but it’s designed with your skillets in mind. It will save you cabinet space and make it easier to grab the right pan for your upcoming meal masterpiece.

Under the Kitchen Sink

Wall Mount Grocery Bag Dispenser

Do you keep plastic grocery bags under your skin? They definitely come in handy from time-to-time, but storing them is a pain in the butt! Mounds of plastic bags can take up a lot of space. Plus, they just look messy. Well, until you grab one of these wall mounts. Just screw this mount into the wall under your kitchen sink and you’ll be in bag organizer heaven!

Cleaning Product Bins

Dish soap, disinfectant wipes, stovetop cleaner, granite spray, tile cleaner, stainless steel polishing wipes, sponges, and Windex. These are just a few things many people keep under their kitchen sink. If you use this spot to house your cleaning products then you know just how messy it becomes over time. To avoid the clutter, grab a few organizer baskets. They made a huge difference.

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