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Creating videos to help your brand authentically connect with your target audience can be expensive, time-consuming, and drain your company’s resources. If you don’t choose your production partners wisely, the end result can be hit or miss. That’s where FLEXIBLE PRODUCTIONS comes in.

We’re your one-stop, affordable, nimble, and high-quality solution. From the initial creative process to the nitty-gritty details, FLEXIBLE PRODUCTIONS is a full-service media production company dedicated to authentically promoting your brand, products, and/or services.

Influencer Videos or Product Only Commercials

Founder Nealy Fischer works closely with her experienced in-house production team to create relatable concepts, attention-grabbing scripts, and high-quality videos.

Nealy has appeared on E! News, TODAY Show, Hallmark’s Home&Family, and many more. She has a knack for lighting up a television studio and genuinely promoting products/services for food, fitness, travel, parenting, beauty, and an all-around healthy lifestyle. Once the cameras are rolling, Nealy will show your products/services in real situations, showcasing how they enhance life for your targeted customers.

Or, if you prefer, FLEXIBLE PRODUCTIONS can create a series of product videos without the influencer component. These videos showcase the beauty and utility of your products. From product demos to recipes, you’ll get your video content fast and affordably.

FLEXIBLE PRODUCTIONS is your one-stop-shop for all content creation needs since everything from start to finish is taken care of for you. Yup — everything! 

We Handle

– Idea Creation
– Storyboarding
– Script Writing
– Location Scouting
– Video Production
– On-Camera Talent
– Voiceovers
– Video Editing (with audio mastering, color grading, and music)
– Final Content Delivery

Content Distribution 

Along with your carefully curated content, our team is here to help you create a full marketing strategy for your brand. Want more views? Together, we will come up with a distribution plan (that covers both organic and paid ad opportunities) and can help you boost exposure.

With more than 1 Million monthly viewers across The Flexible Chef blog, newsletter, and social media channels, you can leverage Nealy’s influencer status to get your brand/products/services in front of her highly-engaged audience.

Let’s Work Together


The Flexible Productions team will work closely with your brand to determine which type of video is best for you!

Promo Video, usually around 1-minute and feels like a commercial. Along with professional-quality video, promo videos may include on-camera talent, voiceover work, and music.

Product Placement, where Nealy organically showcases your product or service in a themed video.

Themed Series, where Nealy creates an entire branded series for your website and social media channels. This can include anywhere from 5-10 videos, depending on your brand’s unique needs.

Instagram Takeover, usually shot on an iPhone without music. They’re meant to feel “off-the-cuff” and very natural. Check out an example of an Instagram takeover created for The Chalkboard.

Let’s Work Together


Nealy Fischer is a wife, mom of four, lifestyle entrepreneur, blogger behind The Flexible Chef, and best-selling author of FOOD YOU WANT For The Life You Crave. 

Throughout the last two decades, Nealy has designed and led immersive cooking events, sold-out yoga retreats, and women’s wellness empowerment programs. Her mission is to inspire people around the world to live their most vibrant and crave-worthy lives. Nealy has been featured across online, print, and television media, such as E! News, TODAY Show, Hallmark’s Home&Family, OprahMag, Forbes, and RadioMD. She has been endorsed by Dr. Mark Hyman, Natalie Morales, Jack Canfield, and many others.  

In between Nealy’s entrepreneurial adventures, she grocery shops and cooks dinner every night for her husband, four children, and often a handful of surprise guests. She currently divides her time between the United States, Hong Kong, and Israel.

Nealy Fischer Food You Want


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