Check out this simple, low-sugar sangria recipe! Then, use this technique as your springboard to create other yummy combinations.

Flexible, Low-Sugar Sangria Recipe

The temperatures are rising and it’s officially starting to feel like Spring! And what’s more refreshing on a warm day than sipping a sweet glass of homemade sangria? It’s the perfect crowd-pleasing drink for your next party. Or, enjoy a serving (or two) by yourself while reading a good book. The best part? A sensational sangria is a cinch to make!

In this video, I team up with my friend and fellow FMTV cooking host Elizabeth Rider to show you a simple, low-sugar sangria recipe! Use this technique as your springboard to create other yummy combinations.

Flexible Sangria Recipe

Which Wine?

Sangria can be made using white, red, blush, or sparkling wines. It just depends on what flavor you’re after! While I’m always a fan of experimenting in the kitchen, red wine sangrias tend to pair well with apples and citrus fruits, such as oranges and lemons. You can even throw in a cinnamon stick for an extra flavor blast. White wine sangrias are exceptional when paired with mango, melon, berries, peaches, plums, green grapes, and even a few fresh mint leaves.

Blushing For Bubbles

Sangria is always a little more flavorful after the fruit has had enough time to infuse into the wine. That’s why I like to make mine ahead of time. Like it bubbly? If you enjoy a little party-in-your-mouth fizz then add a splash of champagne or club soda right before serving!

Sweet Without The Sugar

If you’ve skimmed through many sangria recipes in search of the perfect pour, you may notice that many call for refined sugar. But here’s the thing — the not-so-waistline-friendly ingredients isn’t necessary to create a sweet and satisfying serving.

Want More Fun Drink Recipes?

In my book, FOOD YOU WANT For The Life You Crave, I’ve dedicated an entire chapter to drinks and party nibbles! Some of my favorites are the Passion Fruit Bubbly on page 241 and the Sparkling Fruit Spritzer on page 242. Don’t have a copy yet? Pick one up today at a bookstore near you or order it online!

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