MAYYA Movement

Launched in 2014, MAYYA Movement is a wellness brand that brings together the world’s leading health experts and throws massive live events. The mission? To inspire women to live their most craveable lives. Watch as Nealy welcomes you to the world of MAYYA:

Partnering with the W Hotel in Hong Kong, MAYYA’s launch event was filled with guest speakers, indulgent treats, and a great sweat session. This sold-out event connected 150 women with powerful resources that helped transform the way they eat, move, and ultimately view a healthy lifestyle. Take a look at the launch:

Yoga + Beats + Eats

Nealy designed and executed monthly sold-out events called Yoga + Beats + Eats at the KEE Club, a private members club in Asia. Working inside the KEE club’s kitchen to serve up her original recipes, these evenings featured food, wine, live music, guest speakers, and a candlelight yoga class led by Nealy. The goal of each night was to leave participants with a spark of inspiration and a taste of how delicious healthy living can be. Take a peek at the popular Yoga + Beats + Eats events:

  • Yoga + Beats + Eats

    Yoga + Beats + Eats

Interactive Cooking Classes and Workshops

Think fresh and delicious cooking is complicated? Nealy regularly hosts interactive cooking classes for both large and intimate groups around the world. Along with making a sophisticated meal, people learn how to apply a dose of flexibility to every dish—saving time, money, and energy. Through these classes, Nealy instills more confidence in participants, getting them ready to take charge of their own kitchen and release their inner chef.