Dessert Disasters? 3 Tips To Fix Your Baking Flops!

We’ve all been there: Eagerly pulling a tray of treats out of the oven to quickly find out our masterpiece is one big flop! Whether it’s overbaked brownies, burnt bread, or bland-tasting muffins, your time and effort to whip up something yummy doesn’t have to be wasted. During the kickoff for my global book tour, I met up with ABC7 Los Angeles Reporter Lori Corbin to show her some creative flips that will help repair those dreaded flops. In case you missed the segment, check it out now:

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In my book, FOOD YOU WANT For The Life You Crave, I pair each recipe with flexible flips. Some are designed to help you when left with a flop, others give you ideas to creatively reuse leftover. They’re also there to encouraging you to unleash your creativity and adapt each recipe to suit your preferences. Think of them as tools to transform a hundred recipes into a thousand different dishes! Don’t have a copy of FOOD YOU WANT yet? Take a peek inside here!

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