A few extra touches and your flopped muffins can go from not-so-drooly to totally delectable. Watch as The Flexible Chef's Nealy Fischer show you how.

Crispy Pancake Muffins: A Trick To Jazz Up Boring Muffins

Have you ever baked a batch of muffins that didn’t turn out the way you expected? Maybe they lacked flavor, were too crumbly, or tasted a bit blah. Whatever the situation, I have some good news for you—your muffins (and almost all of your kitchen flops) can be salvaged.

A Trick To Jazz Up Plain Muffins

It all started one day when I was testing a batch of muffins and they turned out dry and too savory—it happens sometimes in experimenting mode. Instead of dumping the batch and calling it a flop, I had this idea to upgrade my dry concoction into a pancake-style muffin. A few extra touches later and my muffins went from not-so-drooly to totally delectable. Watch the video below as I show you how to make these crispy pancake muffins:

Turn Your Flops Into Successes

Sometimes food flops can turn into your biggest successes. Some of my go-to dishes these days have come from experimenting with things that didn’t go my way. If you cook or bake a dish that “flops”, rather than throwing it out or getting frustrated, just stop for a second and figure out other ways you can use it. Turn dry muffins into pancake muffins; overbaked bread into breadcrumbs; flopped cake into cake pops. Get creative and have some fun!

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