Why Build-Your-Own Lettuce Cups Are The Ultimate Family Party Food

When it comes to summertime party food, it’s all about simple, quick, and delicious. Because, let’s get real, do you really want to spend your day slaving away in the kitchen when you can be out soaking up the sun? Yeah, me either! That’s why I’m a huge fan of do-it-yourself spreads — ones where you just have to put out a variety of ingredients and your guests get to assemble what they want. From salad bars to pasta bars, and even trail-mix bars, there are loads of build-your-own meals that guests go crazy over.

As I continue traveling for my FOOD YOU WANT book tour, my youngest son, Liam, and I stopped by the CBS Austin studios to share one of our family favorites: Flexible lettuce cups! In case you missed the segment, check it out here.

Build-Your-Own Lettuce Cups

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