When you want to wow your friends with a gorgeous and tasty bite without the fuss, I've got the perfect sanity hack: Semi-Homemade Cookies.

Baking Hack: The Perfect Semi-Homemade Cookies To Wow A Crowd

The holidays are filled with parties and, as the invitations start rolling in, you may be thinking to yourself, “What the heck can I bring that will look impressive but doesn’t take a lot of time to make?!” When you want to wow your friends with a gorgeous and tasty bite without the fuss, I’ve got the perfect sanity hack: Semi-Homemade Cookies.

Semi-Homemade Cookies

To make these jazzed up treats, all you have to do is buy some gluten-free cookies, dip half of each cookie in melted chocolate (white or dark), and decorate with festive sprinkles and nuts to make them look glammed up!

I promise, once you plate these babies up on a nice serving dish, no one will even know you didn’t mix, chill, roll, cut, and bake that cookie dough from scratch. Make these now and freeze until the day of your party and everyone is ready to indulge. That way, come celebration time, you won’t find yourself stuck in the kitchen all day and you’ll have time to focus on yourself.


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Make Um’ Pop

When buying the chocolate and toppings, think about contrasting colors that will make each cookie stand out. Here are a few great combinations:

  • Chocolate cookies with dark chocolate and bright green pistachios
  • Chocolate cookies with white chocolate and colorful sprinkles
  • Vanilla cookies with dark chocolate icing and white sprinkles
  • Vanilla cookies with vanilla icing and crushed almonds

As always, stay flexible and have fun in the kitchen!

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