4 crowd-pleasing desserts for your 4th of July picnic

Happy 4th of July!

You don’t have to be in the USA this weekend to find an excuse to enjoy a picnic with your loved ones while celebrating your freedom.

Here are four crowd-pleasing dessert recipes I have created that you can whip up easily this weekend, or anytime. They are highly transportable, making them perfect for an outdoor gathering with friends. The best part is they taste so good, we promise no one will know they’re good for you!


Maple Cayenne Spiced Pecans

maple-cayenne-spiced-pecansMy favourite tasty little crunch bombs. Pack these Maple Cayenne Spiced Pecans in a trail mix for a weekend hike, add them to a picnic salad or simply enjoy them on their own over the weekend.


Pumpkin Spice Cookies

pumpkin-spiced-cookies-recipeThese all-American delicious Pumpkin spice cookies, a modified version of my mother’s delicious treats, are perfect for a 4th of July gathering. Hint: double the recipe and freeze a batch for next weekend (that’s if you can resist eating the whole batch).


Carrot Banana Muffins

carrot-banana-muffin-recipeSuperbly moist and light, these Carrot Banana Muffins reach that perfect balance between sweet bananas and tasty carrots. A scrumptious mid-morning snack.


Chocolate Truffles

chocolate-truffles-recipe-nealyMade with coconut milk, these melt in your mouth Chocolate Truffles are easy to make and adapt. Why not add some colored sprinkles for the weekend’s festivities? Hint: keep them chilled in a cooler bag and serve with some strawberries.

Have a favorite picnic dessert? Tell us what you’re baking, prepping and packing this weekend!

Photo attribution: (c) Tim Pierce via Flickr 

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