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At TFC, we believe it’s possible to have it all—a career you love, a thriving family, time for exercise, personal growth and self-care, time to cook and eat well, to travel, to gather with friends, and to have fun along the way! The answer lies in adopting a flexible lifestyle, one that allows you to zig and zag, always coming back to the center with your core beliefs and values at the root.

Our approach is not about compromising on quality or excellence but exercising your creativity and living in the freedom of knowing you can be flexible and still end up with an outcome that’s even better and more beautiful than you originally envisioned.

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As a chef, yoga and fitness teacher, wife, coach, mom of 4, always on the go, doer of all the things, TFC started as a simple blog to share my favorite recipes and healthy life hacks. Today, it’s evolved into a complete lifestyle framework empowering you to be introspective, experiment, and learn what works for you and your family. It is my deepest desire that you will find your way to an enriched, satisfying, flexible, and fabulously fulfilling life—on your own terms.

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Feel like you’re juggling all the things (and worried about dropping the ball) on a daily basis? Through this 1 or 3-month VIP program, you’ll be armed with the mindset, tools, and everyday resources you need to embrace an elevated, masterful, beautifully imperfect way of living.
(No restrictive diets or crazy workout regimens included!)

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Watch as I get to connect with real-life people and families in their homes to help them troubleshoot some of their most vulnerable challenges and help them adopt a fulfilling and flexible life. The best part? 

I can do the same for you through my exclusive holistic lifestyle coaching program.


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“Nealy is a wellness visionary who serves up superfood.”

With more than 100 clean, fresh, gluten-free recipes, Food You Want helps you create healthy, energizing dishes, all while saving time and banishing meal prep stress. This cookbook is filled with success strategies—what makes a dish work, flexible flips, and ideas to personalize recipes so they work best for you and your family’s dietary needs, taste preferences, and all-around lifestyle.


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This FREE guide spills the tea on our 7-part signature framework. Complete with tips for applying it to everyday life, and a curation of top TFC resources to support you on your journey.

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