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Do you feel like life is pulling you in a million different directions? You want to be able to do it all -- serve delicious and good-for-you meals with ease, have a killer bod, be the best mom you possibly can be, and flourish in your career. But it seems there just aren’t enough hours in the day!

Yeah, we can all relate.

That’s why The Flexible Chef’s Nealy Fischer created a VIP membership program loaded with the tools you need to manifest the life you crave! By becoming a TFC VIP, you'll:

  • Connect with like-minded women who are interested in family, good food, fitness, and living an all-around healthy lifestyle!
  • Feel more confident in your kitchen and your everyday life.
  • Learn to juggle life's demands without feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders.
  • Get organized, which is the key foundation to being flexible and able to "wing it."
  • Apply time-saving tricks to your everyday cooking & baking that will save you hours in the kitchen! 
  • Add dozens of flexible recipes to your cooking repertoire. Hint: Getting flexible in the kitchen means you can transform one basic recipe into a whole slew of meals. 
  • Build amazing food menus that fit your family's unique needs and preferences, so you never have to ask yourself, "What's for dinner?" at 5 p.m. ever again.
  • Cook up healthy, gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegetarian meals that don't sacrifice flavor.
  • Adapt any traditional bread, pancake, muffin, or cake recipe into a gluten-free option with ease.
  • Begin to crave better-for-you foods. 
  • Discover new workouts and yoga routines.

And this is all just the beginning!


VIP members get new videos and downloadable content monthly. Here's a quick peek at some of the exclusive videos you'll find inside. Plus, a bit of what you can expect to see in the upcoming months!


Nealy inspires people to eat well, move more, and ultimately to crave a well-rounded lifestyle. Her journey in the health and wellness industry began more than two decades ago when she first learned to cook in her mother’s kitchen. Since then, life has been the laboratory where she continues to conduct her experiments.

Global travels have provided Nealy with a little black book of the best recipes, spas, yoga teachers, fitness methods, and health professionals. With a mission to share her knowledge, Nealy founded MAYYA, a lifestyle movement that runs sold out luxury wellness events across Asia that feature Nealy’s broad network of health experts.

Throughout the years, Nealy has designed and led immersive cooking events, sold-out luxury yoga retreats, and women’s wellness empowerment programs with renowned health professionals.

In 2015, Nealy founded The Flexible Chef, a global lifestyle brand that offers creative solutions to become more confident, savvy, and chef-like in your kitchen and your life.

As Nealy bounces between Montana, Hong Kong, and Israel, she invites her followers into her life daily and tells her best-kept secrets!




Access to a private member Facebook group where you can ask Nealy your burning questions and connect with other members.

Exclusive recipe and video library that's easily organized by meals or ingredient.

Create your own Recipe Box by saving your favorite recipes into one convenient spot.

Interactive recipe cards, allowing you to adjust serving sizes and check off prep steps as you cook.

7-day menus filled with clickable recipes and matching shopping lists.

The ultimate list of flexible grocery staples to help you easily stock your freezer, fridge, and pantry.

In-depth video guides highlighting Nealy's best kitchen hacks, yoga workouts, and travel tips.

Exclusive ebook downloads.

Educational courses and guides to help you shop, cook, dine out, and raise healthy kids.


Monthly Membership

$9.99 per month

Lifetime Membership (Limited)

$147 One Time Fee


$47 One Time Fee


I was convinced I was an abomination in the kitchen until Nealy taught me how to follow and manage recipes easily and healthfully in my own kitchen, with my own ingredients, for my family of 5. Substitutions were a cinch, she had a flexible way about cooking that made food prep, creation, and presentation look simple worked. Her salmon wraps have me looking like a pro and my kids now eat salads without complaint. It’s the impossible made possible. Thanks, Nealy!

- Jennifer, Hong Kong

Nealy introduced me to yoga, around 10 years ago, when I was pregnant. I attended her regular prenatal classes and an empowering birthing workshop that prepared me for motherhood. I've followed her ever since. She has inspired me to approach nutrition in a guilt-free way. Her cooking classes are fun and at the same time packed with useful information for working-health-conscious mothers.

- Fe, Hong Kong

Nealy is constantly thinking of new ideas and I find her advice, recipes, and classes invigorating and motivating.

- Katie Lacz

There are so many wellness events out there these days, but Nealy's events always grab my attention because her dedication to quality and detail always shines through. At the heart of it all, her focus and intention is on the people who are taking time away from their lives to learn how to live better, eat better and love themselves more.

- Maura, Hong Kong

I’ve been a fan of Nealy’s yoga classes for more than 8 years. Her passion to empower students through movement with such grace is quite an experience. I would highly recommend dropping all of your plans to attend one of her events on the yoga mat, in the kitchen, or online!

- Melissa, Hong Kong

Nealy is the penultimate hostess who dazzles everyone who meets her with her warmth, delicious food, and an effortless grace that is infectious and inspiring.

- Andi, Costa Rica

Nealy takes a practical view and leads by example. She is a consummate reader and practitioner of all current literature and trends and gives honest feedback on what works well and what is simply hype. I am a strong supporter of Nealy.

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